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Interior Design Firm Based in Lancaster PA – Serving Clients Throughout Pennsylvania

Have you found that it’s a lot harder to redesign your home or business than is often depicted on home design shows, in magazines or on social media platforms?  Most people do and they either abandon their plans or leave them pinned to a board. Our team specializes in bringing the “wow factor” that you’ve been chasing.

If you find yourself frustrated with how to layout furniture in a room, overwhelmed with all the various shades of paint for walls, choosing flooring that will be functional and look great, updating an existing stairwell to what you really desire – we can help.

Or, perhaps you desire purchasing new furniture, artwork and accessories without leaving your house.  Need help selecting countertops and backsplash that coordinate well together and will last through trends, or simply need help selecting appliances? Grand Masterpiece Design is your one stop shop!

A quick overview of some of our interior design services we offer:

  • Space layouts
  • Paint selection(s)
  • Light fixture selection(s)
  • Flooring option(s)
  • Staircase update(s)
  • New furniture (installation if needed)
  • Accessories (installation if needed)
  • Countertops and backsplashes
  • Unique space design/organization (under stairwells, pet spaces, etc.)
  • Artwork selections
  • Appliance selections